In June 2008 is approved the environmental impact study submitted by CONFINOR S.A. for its Center of Industrial Waste Management (CMRI), Atacama Region.

The Regional Environmental Commission (COREMA) of the Atacama Region, through the Exempt Resolution No. 181, authorizes CONFINOR S.A. to dispose definitely hazardous waste in security deposits, and treat the waste materials that may have commercial value and then confine the resulting waste in agreement  to the terms of the decree, DS No. 148/04.

This qualification is vital to ensure that our company complies with all standards required by the existing legislation and also it has acquired voluntary commitments in an effort to minimize the impact on the environment.

For example, the nursery for the reproduction of species and subsequent relocation with the participation of schools in the region, motivating students to take care of the environment, cleaning the indirect area of the  project, keeping the area clean of garbage thrown by others and conducting a campaign addressed to truck drivers and light vehicles, delivering eco bags with the purpose of minimizing waste on the road.

CONFINOR S.A. is working to deliver a first class service and for this purpose we will  work to obtain ISO 9001 certification, which involves the implementation of strict quality standards, ensuring our customers satisfaction with the excellence of our work and also  ISO 1401 certification through which CONFINOR S.A. chose to implement a contextualized environmental management system within the company in response to the impacts generated, to the existing environmental policies and to the regional socio economic conditions. 
Our company has also conducted a study on the safety, health and risk prevention of our workers.

All these regulations make an integrated management system that considers continuous improvement, the commitment of the entire management and the enforcement of the existing legislation, to ensure the population and the environment an integral and responsible management of our work.

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