CONFINOR S.A comienza su trabajo

CONFINOR S.A. begins its work

This year the company CONFINOR S.A. began the construction of its CMRI (Center of Industrial Waste Management). 

The CMRI aims to be a final destination for the waste or hazardous substances that by their chemical characteristics are a risk to people's health and the environment.

To minimize these risks the CMRI has the following facilities, depending on whether the material can be recycled, through leaching, or go directly to confinement for final disposal. 

With a total area of 40 hectares, this plant is divided into two sections:

1. Safe Area, 20,000 [m2] 
This area is for general access, it is for the administration , for the offices of CONFINOR S.A., the front gate, scales for weighing trucks, laboratory, workshops, warehouses and a nursery for the reproduction of native species, which is framed in the commitment of CONFINOR S.A. with the environment.

2. Danger Zone, 380,000 [m2] 
In this restricted area, are the temporarily stock fields, with a capacity for 25,000 tonnes, a benefit plant (to minimize the waste) with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes per month and security deposits for 600,000 tons.


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