Our Vision

To be the pioneer company of hazardous waste treatment in the field of security, environmental care and sustainable development.

Our Mission

Through the convergence of various disciplines and strategies of growth in the technological, human, organizational, environmental and professionals factors, we offer the best service in the hazardous waste management.

Our Company

What we do

CONFINOR S.A. through its Center of Industrial Waste Management CMRI, has as its main objective to minimize the environmental risks that are generated by industries, mining, municipalities, and so on., offering a integrated service for all hazardous waste established in the DS 148., specifically all hazardous waste stipulated in Art. 18 List II and III, as well as all of List A ofl Art. 90

To do this the company has the respective environmental authorizations and the approval of its Environmental Impact Study (EIA), which allows the handling, storage, treatment and final disposal of hazardous waste.

The years of experience in mining and high training of our professionals allows us to control all phases of management, recycling and final disposal of waste.

How we operate

CONFINOR S.A. has a Center for Management of Hazardous Waste (CMRI). The CMRI aims to be the final recipient for any waste or hazardous substances that by their physico chemical characteristics are a risk to people's health and the environment.

To minimize these risks the CMRI has the necessary facilities, on land properly suited for this purpose.

In CONFINOR S.A. we work under three main axes which allow us to operate in an integrated way

Innovation and Security:

Our systems, designed in CONFINOR S.A. and approved by the Regional Environmental Commission (COREMA), allow us to give the residents and businesses in the region of Atacama, not only a procedure that is sustainable in time and assures that the confined waste are not a danger to them, but also our high standards of quality and safety complement existing regulations, strengthening our control and helping the control done by the authorities.


In CONFINOR S.A. we made sure that our system of final disposal does not intervene in the landscape of the region, once the material is confined. Moreover, as part of our work and environmental responsibility, our plan considers the preservation of native flora and fauna, through the care and replacement of the native species, and the protection of communities of reptiles herpetozoos.
We are committed to fostering a regional vision aimed at promoting environmental education and citizen participation, so as to generate greater awareness in the responsible handling of waste.


The years of experience in mining of our professionals, allows us to control all phases of management of the confinement and to assure our customers that their waste is in perfect condition in our deposits.

Our ability, experience, professionalism and vision, in addition to these three axes place us at the forefront in the treatment of hazardous waste in Chile.


Address: Camino C-404 KM. 795, Ruta 5, Región de Atacama. | Phones: +56 2 7528116 - +56 9 79762417